Tomasz Raczek


Tomasz Raczek is a film critic, columnist, blogger, editor-in-chief, publisher, TV film channel director and host of TV programmes.

Channel and Title: TVP 2 ? ?Ze sztuką na ty? (?On a First Name Basis with Art?), ?Rozmowy bez sekretów? (?Talks without Secrets?), ?Perły z lamusa? (?Forgotten Pearls?), ?Patrz i sądź? (?Watch and Judge?), ?Perły w południe? (?Pearls at Noon?), Canal+ ? ?Siódme niebo? (?Seventh Heaven?), ?Ósme niebo? (?Eighth Heaven?), ?Nigdzie indziej? (?Nowhere else?, the Polish version of the French show ?Nulle Part Ailleurs?), Kino Polska ? ?Seans z przymrużeniem kamery? (?The Camera Winks?, a comedy screening), Polsat ? ?Oko na miasto? (?An Eye for the City?), nFilmHD ? ?Perły i wieprze? (?Pearls and Swines?), ?Bilet do kina? (?Cinema Ticket?), ?Hot Spot,? ?Idę do kina z? ?(?I?m Going to the Cinema with??), TVP 1 ? ?Weekendowy magazyn filmowy? (?Weekend Film Magazine?).

Creator of radio programmes broadcast by Poland?s Channel 2, Tok FM (?Tok o?clock? or ?Talk o?clock?), RMF FM, Radio Klasyka (?Muzycznym Raczkiem? or ?Music Talks with Raczek?).

Together with Zygmunt Kałużyński he created a popular duo that became well known for heated discussions on films. Their fierce arguments were shown on TV and printed in the press as well as in books. As a theatre and film critic he published in numerous newspapers and magazines such as ?Rzeczpospolita,? ?Polityka,? ?Przegląd Tygodniowy,? ?Teatr,? ?Film,? ?Kino,? ?Ekran,? ?Cinema,? ?The European,? ?The Montreal Gazette,? ?Pani,? ?Wprost,? ?Kino Domowe DVD,? ?Tele Świat.?

Tomasz Raczek won a Wiktor as well as many other awards for his achievements in the field of artistic criticism (including a Stanisław Wyspiański Award).

In 1981 he graduated from the Warsaw Aleksander Zelwerowicz Theatre Academy in theatre studies after submitting an MA thesis about Talking TV (supervised by Krzysztof Teodor Toeplitz). Raczek was the creator and first editor-in-chief of the Polish edition of ?Playboy? as well as of the ?Voyage? monthly. In 2001 he launched the ?Gala? weekly. He worked as a literary director at the Komedia Theatre in Warsaw, the Rozrywka Theatre in Chorzów, the Muzyczny Theatre in Gdynia and the Oko Film Studio. He was also a deputy director of Polish Television Channel 2 as well as a cruise director on the Polish transatlantic liner TS/S Stefan Batory.

In 2002 his partner Marcin Szczygielski and he founded their own publishing house, Instytut Wydawniczy Latarnik im. Zygmunta Kałużyńskiego (Zygmunt Kałużyński Lighthouse Keeper Publishing House), which specializes in books about the media and books by media people.

His books include ?Pies na telewizję? (?TV-Mad?), ?Karuzela z madonnami? (?Merry-go-round with Maddonas?), ?Karuzela z herosami? (?Merry-go-round with Heroes?), ?Karuzela z idolami? (?Merry-go-round with Idols?). Together with Zygmunt Kałużyński he wrote ?Perłowa ruletka? (?Pearl Roulette?), ?Poławiacze pereł? (?The Pearl Fishers?), ?Perły do lamusa? (?Forgotten Pearls?) and the long-awaited ?Alfabet na cztery ręce? (?A Four-Handed Alphabet?), which was finished short before Kałużyński?s death and contained talks about the people, ideas and feelings the two authors found most important. Their discussions about cinema and favourite films were published as a five-volume film lexicon ?Perły kina? (?Cinema Pearls?).