Stephen Hook


The Hook family have been farming for at least 250 years. After studying agriculture (1984-87) Steve Hook worked with his father and uncle on their tenanted dairy farm. In 1991, Steve went into partnership with his father Phil, and also married Claire. Steve and Phil converted to organic farming in 2000. Steve also served for two years on the South East National Farmers Union Dairy Board. In 2007, the Hooks started retailing raw milk, and have pioneered a nationwide delivery service, and today are at the forefront of UK raw milk retailing. In 2009, Phil and Steve bought the farm. Steve and Phil's farming has received a great deal of public exposure, by being one of the three top UK dairy farmers in the 2012 Farmers Weekly Awards. Following this, the success of 'The Moo Man' documentary film showing a year on the farm, made by milk customers Andy Heathcote and Heike Bachelier has been phenomenal! Steve and Claire have four sons who are all involved in bottling  milk, milking, and feeding calves!