Special Event // Yoko Ono


One of the most daring artists of our time, Yoko Ono is having an incredibly busy year in 2013, including her 80th birthday celebration. Her retrospective HALF-A-WIND SHOW  is touring to major museums across Germany, Denmark, Austria and Spain. Her most recent dance single, "Hold Me", reached #1 on the Billboard (US) dance charts. Numerous projects are slated for 2013 including a new PLASTIC ONO BAND album, the reissue of her influential record albums from 1968-1985, a career-spanning art book, Infinite Universe At Dawn, and the curation of the 2013 Meltdown Festival in London.

Yoko Ono, the legendary avant-garde artist, musician and activist, will be the star of this year?s TRANSATLANTYK - Poznan International Film and Music Festival! Thurston Moore, the celebrated American guitarist and vocalist of Sonic Youth, will accompany Ono during the performance. This will be Ono and Moore?s first Polish concert to date!

When Sonic Youth arose in the early 80?s, Yoko Ono had already been a counterculture legend. In 2012, the musicians of the most important American alternative band joined forces "with the world?s most famous unknown artist." However, this project is not about putting together a "dream team" composed of stars; it is rather about what Yoko Ono?s comprehensive work has always been animated by - an endless experiment in which art becomes life.

Thurston Moore remained faithful to their inspiration - their work is an endless experiment, ongoing for three decades, breaking through genre divisions and stylistic patterns. In this sense, working with Yoko Ono is a return to the roots, deeply ingrained in the idea of creative freedom without limits.

Yoko Ono will also receive the Transatlantyk Glocal Hero Award 2013 - in honor of her activism for world peace and her dedication to environmental and social issues. In 2012, the recipients of the Transatlantyk Glocal Hero Award were Elżbieta and Krzysztof Penderecki.

Tickets for Yoko Ono and Thurston Moore concert on August 7th, 2013 are available for purchase here:

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