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Julian Sands has no doubt that the actors are descendants of the rogues and the vagabonds, people who possess a "magic gene? but at the same time have a terrible reputation. At a time, when acting as a profession starts to follow the principles of gentrification and becomes the exclusive occupation for the bourgeoisie, Sands reminds us, what it once was: a great journey. And so today, the Briton travels around the world with Celebration of Harold Pinter, a one actor show that he prepared together with John Malkovich.

Sands adventure with Pinter began in 2005, when this famous playwright asked him to read his works in the London church of St Stephen Walbrook. The idea was to raise money for charity. The Nobel Prize winner and the actor met several times to talk about Pinter's texts, and now the memories of their work together, the poetry and fragments of the interviews and political texts, are part of the Julian Sands' show. The latter ones are still in force because Harold Pinter was fascinated with politics. His plays not coincidentally treat about different levels of power. He was involved in the activities of the Amnesty International and the International PEN-Helsinki Watch Committee for Turkey. He had sharp, left-wing views, which he gave free rein in the articles that he wrote for British press. This is where he protested against the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan; called George Bush Jr. a serial killer, and Tony Blair - an idiot. However, he sometimes was too radical even for the Western Left Wing, for example, when he joined the International Committee for the Defense of Slobodan Milosevic.

Sands was also a part of less controversial affairs, as when he had agreed to read in the church in London, where he presented Harold Pinter's texts for the first time. In their own way, both artists are connected by one other thing: a cinema. Pinter was nominated for the Oscar for the best screenwriter. He wrote such scripts as The French Lieutenant's Woman, The Messenger, The Last Tycoon. From time to time, he played small roles in films based on his scripts, as in The tailor of Panama and Mansfield Park. It was an entirely different face of this great dramatist, just as this traveling spectacle, based on Pinter's texts, shows a completely new face of the British actor. We know Sands primarily from The Killing Fields by Joffe Roland (1984, the first time he met Malkovich he was on the set of this film), and of course from A Room with a View (1985) by James Ivory. His career began with the studies at London's Central School of Speech and Drama, where he met the legend of the British avant-garde film, Derek Jarman. Sands starred in the music-video directed by Jarman to Marianne Faithfull's song: Broken English.

For nearly three decades of his career, Julian Sands tried to use his strengths in the theater, the film and on television. He applied himself to various genres, different roles, and many directors, among whom were, inter alia, Mike Figgis, David Cronenberg and Dario Argento. He worked in the UK and in Hollywood (he now lives in Los Angeles), where in the late 80th and 90th, he starred in two parts of the iconic The Wizard. From time to time, he gives his voice to animated characters, for example, in video games. He is a vagabond, so he never stays in one place for a long time.

In the recent years, we have seen Julian Sands on TV in the series such as 24, Stargate and Smallville, and in the movie theatre in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. If we persistently looked for a common ground in the roles, he plays, we would probably have to point at the anti heroism. Julian Sands often plays villains - as befits the descendant of the rogues.


- The show at Rozbitek Institute on 17th of August is free. On this day free transport will be available from Poznan to Rozbitek Institute.

- Tickets for the show in Teatr Polski in Poznan on 16th of August cost 25/15 zloty and are availavle here : 

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