Piotr Czarnecki


Piotr Czarnecki, CEO of Raiffeisen Bank Poland since 2003. After the merger with Polbank EFG in December 2012, he has been managing the combined Raiffeisen Polbank. For 25-years of his career, he has been associated with the banking sector. He graduated Organization and Management from the Warsaw University of Technology and Management and then studied at Harvard University and Columbia Business School. Music is his passion. For more than 40 years, he has been continuing his choral adventure, first in the Warsaw choir, "Lutnia," (?Lute?) then in Cantio Polonica and academic choir of the University of Warsaw. Currently, he is a member and co-creator of a male vocal ensemble, Des Singers.

"The Music Paradigm" is the story of a perfectly functioning organization, which happens to be... orchestra. The structure of the orchestra is a formula for a perfect company where everybody  precisely knows their place, tasks and the responsibility for the final result. During this unusual performance involving the chamber music ensemble, audience, through its active participation will become a part of the ensemble, in order to understand the laws of its functioning. "The Music Paradigm" demonstrates the tasks, role of the leader, focus on the results of joint work, the role of competences and cooperation within the group. Piotr Czarnecki stresses, "For me, the orchestra and choir are the perfect organizations. For years, in the bank, I have been instilling the rules that apply to them, which are known and understood by each and every musician. In business, however, we slowly reach the perfection and efficiency of the process, that is an inherent feature of any music organization. We should draw inspiration from it; it is worth it."