Kalinowski & Fellman Workshops


This Master class will examine how the production team is put together, what are the jobs and responsibilities of each member of the team, how much flexibility is built into this system and what are the pros and cons of how films are produced in the USA.

1. Crew list ? a look at an independent film and a large studio film crew composition. Who does what.
2. Who hires whom - chain of Responsibility.
3. Professionalism ? the advantages and disadvantages of defining oneself as a specific professional.
4. Financial responsibility ? what each team member is expected to be responsible for during the film.
5. Professionalism and rewards it implies. Getting paid for what you do.

Florence Fellman and Waldemar Kalinowski

2. OUR MOVIE - Waldemar Kalinowski et all.


Let?s make a film in 2 hours with what?s available in the room.

Waldemar Kalinowski (Production Designer -Producer-Director-Writer) is currently in New Mexico working on Sweetwater a surrealistic western with Ed Harris, January Jones and Miller Brother?s directing. Earlier this year, in Ireland and Sweden, he completed Life?s a breeze for director Lance Daly. Last year he designed and directed 2nd unit on Acaia a feature film with Claire Danes and Sarah Bolgers. Both films in post. Earlier work includes: Passion play with Mitch Glazer directing, The children of Irena Sendler a television film for director John Kent Harrison and Crazy Heart for Writer/Director Scott Cooper, Ed Harris? fine western, Apolossa awards gathering Irish film Kisses for director Lance Daly. Prior to that, he and Andy Garcia collaborated on Lost City; a film set during the Cuban Revolution, Path to war a film about Vietnam War, directed by John Frankenheimer?s, Stigmata for director Rupert Wainwright, Dance with me for director Randa Haines. His credits also include five films with director Mike Figgis: Leaving Las Vegas at MGM, One night, Mr. Jones, Libestraum and Internal Affairs. Earlier in his career he designed Randa Haines? Wrestling Ernest Hemingway at Warner Bros. , Clare Peploe?s Rough Magic for Samuel Goldwyn Co., Harold Becker?s The Boost for Hemdale and Victor Salva?s Powder at Disney.

Future projects include Andy Garcia?s Hemingway and Fuentes, Tal a feature about Michail Tal, the Russian chess master and England?s Gold, a story set during the Crimean War.

Apart from feature films, Waldemar has designed numerous music videos, commercials, television projects and stage installations.

Born in Austria, raised in Warsaw, Poland, Waldemar attended the University of Warsaw to study physics and mathematics. He received his Masters of Fine Arts degree from California Institute of the Arts.
Waldemar?s eclectic professional activities include a research project on heat shields for the US Lunar Lander in 1969, a series of performance-video installation in the mid-seventies, a seven-year stint as a fashion and advertising photographer and a continuing acting career, which began with a role in the 1978 feature Heaven?s Gate.

His wife, the Set Decorator Florence Fellman, trained as art historian with masters degree in 19th and 20th century European art, is his closest collaborator. Since 1984, the couple has worked together as a Production Designer - Set Decorator team on most of Mr. Kalinowski?s projects.

Waldemar Kalinowski.jpg

Florence Fellman ? distinguished Set Decorator, member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, the Set Decorators Society of America and the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees.  

Suffering from an incurable  addiction to vintage American movies since childhood, she spent more time watching Citizen Kane, Cassablanca, My Darling Clementine, Giant, Sabrina, To Catch a Thief and East of Eden than playing with Barbie and Ken.  With a Bachelors degree in Fine Arts and a Masters Degree in Art History from University of California at Berkeley, her training thrust her fortuitously into designing sets for film.  Her diverse Set Decorating resume includes small independent films such as Leaving Las Vegas  (for which Nicholas Cage won the Academy Award as best actor) and the Fast and the Furious.  Most recently, she worked on Marvel mega-films  Iron Man, Iron Man 2, and Thor.  She has had the good fortune to work with such renowned film directors as Mike Figgis, Agnieszka Holland, John Frankenheimer and Jon Favreau. She also writes an Art and Travel blog: www.artsofadventure.com

Florence Felleman will conduct the workshops Set Design.

florence fellman.jpg