David MacMillan


A production and post production sound mixer for 40 years, David MacMillan worked on over 80 Hollywood feature films. He began his career at the Canadian Broadcast Corporation (CBC) where he learned all phases of Television production in a proper apprenticeship. David then transferred into the Feature Film division and decided to leave the CBC and try his luck in San Fransisco. Francis Ford Coppola had just finished "The Rain People" and needed someone to build his dubbing studio there. He arranged for David's green card and union card, and David worked as his in- house post production mixer for 3 years. After leaving and starting his own business, he moved to L.A. as most of his film work was coming from Hollywood after he received his first Oscar for "The Right Stuff". Since then, MacMillan has received 3 Oscars, 1 BAFTA, 1 Motion Picture Sound Editor Golden Reel award, a Cinema Audio Society (CAS) award, and  in 2012 a Primetime Emmy Nomination for director Jay Roach's HBO hit "Game Change". David teaches Master Classes and Workshops at 4 Los Angeles Universities that have some of the top Film School programs in the USA.