Chamber Orchestra l'Autunno



Chamber Orchestra l'Autunno is at the Transatlantyk Festival Poznan for the third time. Orchestra - lab. Since 2006, the orchestra, founded and conducted by Adam Banaszak, has been bravely taken on musical challenges and presenting a repertoire from Baroque to contemporary popular music, with special attention to vocal and instrumental music and compositions of the twentieth century.   

The orchestra is also the host of the Polish Camino de Santiago Festival; past three editions presented chamber music from JS Bach, and Tchaikovsky, to Górecki and Pärt. An important place in the orchestra's work history has been taken by the performances of Schoenberg's Pierrot Moon (National Museum in Poznan, 2011) and Stravinsky's Soldier (directed by Paul Szkotak, Polski Theatre, 2012).

The ensemble collaborated with renowned soloists, both Polish (e.g. Katarzyna Hołysz, Leszek Możdżer, Adam Szerszeń, Joanna Woś, Adam Zdunikowski) and foreign (including Jose Carreras, Andrea Bocelli, Montserrat Caballe). The orchestra also worked with the creators of film music, Jan AP Kaczmarek and Mark Isham and the filmmakers, Theodore Ushev and Zbigniew Rybczyński. As a part of the Polish Presidency of the European Union, orchestra performed the music by Jan AP Kaczmarek at the gala concerts in Brussels and Berlin.

Going beyond the boundaries of traditional classical music, the ensemble performed with such artists and bands as: Archive, Kuba Badach, Electric Light Orchestra, Jorgi Quartet, Natalia Kukulska, Jacek Piskorz, Wiesław Prządka, Mietek Szcześniak, Adam Sztaba, Serj Tankian, Kasia Wilk, Marcin Wyrostek, Hania Stach, Motion Trio  and Wacław Zimpel.

On many occasions, the orchestra has been conducting an interdisciplinary dialogue with theater and film. In addition to the collaboration with the outstanding figures of film music (as the orchestra of the Transatlantyk Festival Poznan), at Malta Theatre Festival, the orchestra presented a spectacle Wędrująca Orkiestra (Wandering Orchestra), for which it was awarded the main prize in the festival contest, Nowe Sytuacje (New Situations), and in the competition, Dolina Kreatywna Telewizji Polskiej (Creative Valley of the Polish Television).

The Concerts of the orchestra have been broadcasted and rebroadcasted repeatedly on the radio and television (including TVP Kultura, the Channel 2 of the Polish Television, Radio Merkury, Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg).