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TRANSATLANTYK 2012 invites you all again for open Master Classes

August 16th - 21st, 2012

During this year?s edition of TRANSATLANTYK Film Festival the hugely popular Master Classes will be present for the second time. Lectures and seminars, open to all those interested, will take place at three different locations: Multikino 51 and Concordia Design in Poznań, and at Rozbitek Institute, situated 60km West of the city. The organizers have planned a series of lectures, which will be given by experienced teachers from Hollywood and Europe.

One of the most important parts of TRANSATLANTYK International Film and Music Festival are its Master Classes - free and open workshops and seminars on the art of filmmaking and music composition. Last year over two thousand people from all over the world took part in the Master Classes and among our lecturers were such names, like: James Cromwell, Peter Golub, Christopher Young, Tomasz Opasiński.

This year?s Master Classes will be held on August 16th - 21st at three locations:
? Mulitkinio 51,
? Concordia Design,
? Rozbitek Institute , situated in the village Rozbitek, near Kwilcz.

Rozbitek Institute (www.rozbitek.org) has been a center for education and exchange of experience between filmmakers, performance artists and music composers from all over the world. It is also meant to be the space for creation, artistic production, film screening, theater and multimedia shows. Free transfer to Rozbitek will be provided to all our guests and participants, just like last year.

The workshops are free and open to all the interested, who fill out the appropriate form at www.transatlantyk.org, thus enrolling for the chosen Master Class. The form will be available soon, along with a detailed program of the workshops.

During six Festival days a dozen or so lectures will be given by experienced craftsmen from Hollywood and Europe. They will revolve around film and music, particularly the topics of:
? film music composition and production,
? copyright,
? film production,
? postproduction and special effects in film,
? production design,
? animation,
? acting,
? screenwriting,
? directing,
? cinematography.

The lecturers will not only share their knowledge in their particular fields, but also their experience in working in different structures of film business - both American and European.

In addition, seminars for professionals have also been planned in this year?s edition of our Master Classes.

Contact and queries:  workshops@transatlantyk.org