About Rozbitek

Inspired by the Sundance Institute, composer Jan A.P. Kaczmarek founded Instytut Rozbitek as a center for development of new work in the areas of film, theatre, music and new media. Located in western Poland, Rozbitek will be open to participants from around the globe.

Rozbitek will support artists of independent vision, and, at the same time, will introduce methods of American filmmaking and successful marketing, particularly important to survival of Central European artistic communities. Developing new talent will be the primary purpose, but the Instytut also plans to follow up with the production and exhibition of new works.

Set on the outskirts of Poznan, almost straddling the fading Polish-German border, Instytut Rozbitek is nestled on 85 acres of idyllic landscape surrounded by forests and lakes. Participants will live and work in a 19th century castle and surrounding buildings, which are currently under renovation. All of this will serve as a rich backdrop for the Instytut?s focus on future creative goals. Its activities will include programs modeled after the Sundance labs, also opera and musical development, which will all culminate in an annual festival. Outstanding and accomplished professionals in the various artistic fields will lead these programs.

Instytut Rozbitek is a nonprofit organization. Inaugural events and programs are set to commence in the summer of 2005

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